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Michele Tecchia Monaco Real Estate

Michele Tecchia : “The European economy continued to grow !”

According to Michele Tecchia, “The European economy held up well and continued to grow, particularly thanks to the service sector and the phasing out of restrictions due to Covid, during the first half of 2022.” “real estate investors faced a number of challenges, including rising inflation, rising long-term interest rates and tightening financing conditions”.

Michele Tecchia monaco
Michele Tecchia Real Estate

Michele Tecchia : the climate of the French Riviera is an obvious draw, especially for Brits and Northern Europeans… What are some of the other factors shaping the second home market in Monaco ?

Michele Tecchia : We’re seeing the shift to that second home market. And, obviously, in many cases that need has changed to be much more about a longer, more sustainable home for that lock down window. So really, that comes to some of the more practical natures of the property and its ability to communicate. …