Michele Tecchia Real Estate Monaco
Michele Tecchia Monaco Real Estate

Michele Tecchia : “The European economy continued to grow !”

According to Michele Tecchia, “The European economy held up well and continued to grow, particularly thanks to the service sector and the phasing out of restrictions due to Covid, during the first half of 2022.” “real estate investors faced a number of challenges, including rising inflation, rising long-term interest rates and tightening financing conditions”.

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Michele Tecchia : What effect the recession will have on property markets in Monaco ?

Prices in Monaco historically remained stable, with relatively small percentage increases over the past couple of years for Prime and also super-prime properties. What’s happening now, or what’s not happening is a waiting game, who have property to sell can wait and who searching for something to buy, or waiting to see what will happen with prices, however, buyers will also want to be ready to make an offer. And of course, that sometimes includes having a …