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The principality of Monaco is a natural paradise between the Italian and French borders, making a living there a prudent and delightful investment. Living in this principality allows you to experience a lifestyle unlike any other, according to the realtor Michele Tecchia.

Michele Tecchia, a real estate agent, believes Monaco’s share of the world’s luxury real estate market, which stands at 2%, is rather substantial compared to the country’s size. With a surface area of about 2.02m, this small sovereign city-state provides a secure and lovely living environment overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

The benefits of living in Monaco extend well beyond the country’s favourable tax system: every citizen will tell you how fortunate they feel. Here are some of the reasons you need to live in this paradise.

Michele Tecchia – Luxury Real Estate

Michele Tecchia explains why the opportunity to own a piece of high-end real estate is another factor that draws a lot of individuals to reside in this principality. The place’s stunning homes attract investors from around the globe. The opulent and magnificent residences that residents inhabit are nothing short of amazing, contributing to this area’s reputation as an odd and lovely place to reside.


Michele Tecchia believes that residents who have spent time in other countries often express gratitude for having the opportunity to call the principality home now since it is consistently ranked among the safest nations on the planet. The ratio of police officers to citizens is around one for every one hundred, and there is a sophisticated video monitoring system over the whole nation that operates around the clock. As a result, the crime rate is exceptionally low. Michele Tecchia says most apartment complexes have surveillance systems supported by a concierge who also serves as a gatekeeper.

Entertainment, Culture and Sporting Activities

Competitions, performances and exhibits of the highest caliber are regular life features in this principality. The most well-known sporting event in the principality is the Formula One Grand Prix, which takes place in May. The principality also hosts the Longines Global Champions Tour, the Rolex Monte Carlo Tennis Open, the Herculis International Athletics Meeting and many other competitions.

Those passionate about music also have various entertainment options in this principality. Throughout the year, the Salle des Etoiles and the Opera Garnier play home to performances by some of the most famous artists in jazz, rock, French variety and pop. The Monte Carlo Jazz Festival and the Monte Carlo Sporting Summer Festival are two of the most notable events in this principality each year.

At the Grimaldi Forum, an impressive variety of events, conferences, concerts and exhibits are organised. In contrast, the Princess Grace Theatre provides a performing arts programme and hosts a cinema. Film buffs go to the open-air theatre in this place, known for its breathtaking location across the water, from June through September.

Prestigious Geographical Location and Climate according to Michele Tecchia

Monaco is a proud principality that occupies a slender strip of the Mediterranean coast and shares its borders with France on three sides. The area’s steep cityscape immediately differentiates it from the slopes of the French Alpes-Maritimes behind it and the breathtaking expanses of the French Riviera coastline on either side of its own. Cannes, Nice and Saint Tropez are among the French destinations close to Monaco on one side. On the other hand, enchanting Italian villages like Sanremo, Bordighera and Portofino entice travelers from outside Italy’s borders.

The climate in this place is another compelling reason to invest in real estate in the principality. In the hinterlands, hiking options are abundant, and during the winter, locals flock to the slopes of the several ski resorts within a short distance. Michele Tecchia believes that with an average of 300 sunny days each year. The area’s climate is also considered one of the most desirable aspects of living in this principality. Even during the coldest months of January and February, when temperatures average a high of 12 degrees Celsius, people seldom need to wear a winter coat since temperatures in July and August average 27 degrees Celsius.

Tax Breaks

This area’s principality does not impose a personal income tax on its citizens, except for French nationals who, barring specific exemptions, are required to pay income tax in France. Although an inheritance tax is assessed on principality property, the amount of the tax someone should pay is decided by the connection between the deceased and their successor. This area doesn’t allow inheritance tax levied on assets passed down from parents to children or spouses to spouses.

A Monaco Residential Address

Practically, the quality of life in this place is unmatched. Many parents choose to make this area their permanent home to provide a stable environment for their offspring. Such is necessary in a culture that places a high value on receiving an excellent education on a global scale and encourages a high degree of participation at the social level. Consider the stage, the arts and movies. Additionally, this principality is ideal for new businesses and activities related to the environment or high technology.


If you live in this principality, it is quite convenient to go to the majority of the cities in Europe for business purposes. The Nice Cote d’Azur Airport is France’s second-biggest airport and a hub for international flights. The principality can be reached from the airport in approximately half an hour by car.

Beauty is everywhere in Monaco

The principality of place has a location on the Mediterranean coast, midway between the French Riviera and the Italian Riviera. As a destination in and of itself, Michele Tecchia believes that it is very breathtaking, and within a short driving distance are some of the most gorgeous and trendy resorts in Europe, such as Saint Tropez, Cannes and Portofino. In addition, the area is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe.


Families seeking real estate in this principality can find a variety of outstanding schools, both French- and English-speaking, within easy reach of their chosen properties. In addition to it, there is a prestigious academic institution.

Parting Words

Many people want the luxury of calling Monaco home and having resident status there. Michele Tecchia believes that the place is, in fact, a symbol of richness, elegance and tranquillity; as such, it draws new residents from all over the globe every year.

Michele Tecchia focuses on the sale of flats, similar to the situation in France. Simply because there are few homes and villas, because of their extensive network in Monaco, he can provide you with a range of options, from modest flats to high-end real estate, which is not available online.

Michele Tecchia

Michele Tecchia is an experienced realtor in London, currently practicing in Monaco. He launched his career as a salesman in the photocopier industry. His work entailed marketing photocopiers for various applications.